The Realized Man (Manifesto)

To Live and Die Well through first mastering your mind.

The Realized Man is an ideal.

A concept you strive towards daily through many iterations.

It is about constant progression – akin to the spirit of Kaizen.

If you are mathematically minded, it’s the asymptote which the curve yearns to unite with.

The Realized Man Graph

To Live and Die Well means to create the reality which most fulfills your soul, so when you finally rest on your deathbed you are not filled with regrets.

Your ideal reality is unique to you.                                                       

It might involve cashing out big in a nine-figure exit from a tech start up.

Perhaps you want to own a farm or dedicate your life to researching Icelandic orcas.

The idea is for your reality to be in complete alignment with your calling.

You know it’s alignment when there is nothing you would rather be doing.


Mainstream society is a complex system which has not been engineered to optimize for your happiness or sense of fulfillment.

Just like in the movie ‘The Matrix’, the mainstream machine treats you like a battery ready to relinquish your vital energy.

This arrangement allows you to have a mediocre life in which most of your basic needs and superficial creature comforts are met. However, your soul’s desires are ignored.

Through deep programming from:

·       The education system,

·       Governments,

·       Big Tech Agendas,

·       Mainstream entertainment,

      the average person will not be able to live a life worth remembering.

They are the walking dead, sleeping while awake – operating
at a tiny fraction of their potential.

You do not want to be one of them.

The Solution: The 4 Guiding Principles

To create your own destiny, you need to master the four crucial pillars of The Realized Man.

Each is like a superpower, an unfair advantage which allows you to create ridiculous success in your life.

Mastering one is life changing, but when you actively work on all 4 areas, you become the architect of your destiny.

Magic zone

4. Subconscious mind: To untether from the limitations of your past and clear the path for your future.

The subconscious mind is the part of your mind which is not easily available to conscious awareness.

It is the habit mind which operates 95% of your life.

Look at your feet in this moment.

At what point did you consciously choose to put them in that arrangement?

You likely didn’t.

Just like many other actions you take daily:

  • Breathing
  • Speaking
  • Walking
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Driving your car

They have all been deeply programmed to the point of unconscious automation.

The automation does not end with these mechanical actions, it goes deeper, all the way to the level of your thoughts and base emotional state.

Most of your thoughts rise from the subconscious yet their seeds were planted in your mind decades ago.

The most potent programming happening in your childhood from your parents and events you deemed traumatic.

These programs are eternal until undone.

They are the limitations which stop you from achieving your ideal reality.

When you master the subconscious mind, you will stop self-sabotage and will finally rise to Olympic heights.

3. Stoicism: To be in action and not re-action of outside events.

Stoicism is an Ancient Greek philosophy.

Unlike many philosophies it is practical and not the subject of debate for pompous professors.

The main idea of Stoicism is to reach Eudemonia.

Eudemonia is a state of happiness and wellbeing governed by reason.

You achieve this by mastering yourself and learning to draw state from within.

The Stoic is not held emotionally hostage by outside events, you transcend them on the emotional plane and become their master.

Stoics have compiled many mental tools you can use to learn the regulation of your inner world.

Once you practice the stoic principles you will experience fewer negative emotions.

Inevitably, negative emotions will always arise, but for you they will be brief.

Your adversities will no longer be paralysing, instead you will see them as challenges.

As a Stoic you will no longer wallow in the dark spaces of your consciousness.

This mental mastery will give you the bandwidth needed to spend more of your life in bliss.

Stoicism is an important pillar because part of your contract in life is having to deal with contingencies:

  • Death of loved ones
  • Bankruptcy
  • Betrayal
  • Breakups & Divorces
  • Accidents
  • Embarrassment
  • Trauma

You will have to face disasters in life, so why not prepare for them?

In a world riddled with fragility, Stoicism makes you antifragile.

2. Self-Sovereignty: To free yourself from the rat race and live abundantly.

Self-sovereignty is about stacking the deck in your favour by mastering high leverage skills.

The sovereign individual is entrepreneurial and does not heavily depend on any one institution for survival.

You observe the truths about money (which were omitted in school) and gamify the process of wealth building.

You eliminate your volatility to Black Swan events through conscious deliberation in your lifestyle design.

As a Realized Man you understand the world is changing and is in greater need of self-sovereign individuals.

To be sovereign you first need to empty your cup.

Your mind must learn to entertain new concepts without being stuck in the past.

Gone are the days of simply relying on your university degree for the next 50 years before enjoying your retirement.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it now.

The sovereign individual has a greater sense of responsibility over their life circumstance.

They do not defer their thinking to their governments.

They have location independence and can move freely across the globe when needed.

They have passive income streams and do not need to trade hours for time just to survive.

The sovereign individual keeps one eye ahead and is prepared for anything.

Yes, being a sovereign individual is more difficult, but it’s the only path to liberation.

1. Mental Models: To think differently from everybody else so you can see hidden opportunities.  

mental model is a framework for thinking.

It helps you solve a problem through looking at it with a different lens.

In mathematics there are many ways to arrive at the correct solution.

For instance, a problem can be solved with geometry as well as calculus.

Knowing both methods better equips you to quickly solve the problem as well as verifying your answer.

There are many mental models from several different disciplines.

There are mental models from:

  • Physics,
  • Mathematics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Biology,
  • Psychology,
  • Economics,
  • Spirituality,

and countless other fields.

Each model you collect allows you to see the world from a different perspective.

From this perspective unique solutions present themselves.

Synergy is created between the models where 1 + 1 no longer equals 2. It equals 5.

It’s pure magic.

Most people view the world through only the lens of their field.

A doctor might aim to remove cancer with chemotherapy, while a holistic healer might use energy medicine. Rarely do you find someone who understands both.

This focus on solving problems with one set of tools keeps you myopic and unable to see the hidden opportunities right in front of you.

The psychologist Abraham Maslow called this ‘The Law of Instrument’.


To empower your mind with the 4 guiding frameworks of The Realized Man: Subconscious mind, Stoicism, Self-sovereignty, and Mental models. These frameworks will help you escape the socially conditioned trap by becoming the master of your fate. All this will be done so you can Live and Die Well. The idea is for us to reflect on our lives in the astrals and say, “We fucking did it.”

If any of this resonates with you, I implore you consider joining me and the other 77,000 Realized Men.