Reality Transurfing Pendulums Explained: Full Guide

Reality Transurfing Pendulum

What is A Pendulum In Reality Transurfing?

What is a Pendulum in Reality Transurfing?

To put it simply, pendulums are energetic vampires which come in a myriad of forms.

A Transurfing Pendulum can be a religion, a sporting team or a new government health initiative.

Anything which uses your energy to push its own cause is a pendulum.

The concept was popularized by Vadim Zeland’s classic book ‘Reality Transurfing: Steps I to V’.

The tome can be a challenging read for those new to esoteric texts.  

The goal of this article is to simplify one of the most important concepts from the book, Pendulums.

Once you understand them you can learn to use them for your own benefit.

Examples of Reality Transurfing Pendulums

The mind learns best from examples. Before diving deeper into the nuances of pendulums I will give you several examples of things which can become Transurfing Pendulums.

  • Governments
  • Religions
  • Cultures
  • Corporations
  • Cults
  • Sports Teams
  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Military
  • Councils
  • Guilds
  • Secret Societies
  • Unions
  • Associations
  • Bands
  • Bacterial Colonies
  • Herds of animals
  • Schools of fish

And many more.

Are you noticing a pattern?

Each of the things listed contains a group of beings thinking in a particular way, working towards a united goal.


Pendulums are energetic structures

The first thing we must understand is the Pendulum is simply a model for understanding a complex phenomena which happens in life.

By nature, models aim to simplify a problem whilst maintaining the essence of it.

Mental models are meant to be predictive.

This idea is not meant to have the depth of a peer-researched theory about the nature of reality.

The map is not the territory.

It’s simply to help you make better decisions in life.

Why is it called a Pendulum?

It’s called a Pendulum because a physical pendulum is a great metaphor for how energetic pendulums work.

A pendulums is a simple system which oscillates back and forth.

A swing at a kids’ playground is an example of a pendulum.

When you apply energy to the system by pushing the swing, it begins to oscillate back and forth.

If you stop pushing, the swing will still oscillate at its resonant frequency (soon I will explain why this resonant frequency is important).

However, to keep the swing moving you will need to occasionally push it.

If you stop pushing altogether, the energy will eventually dissipate, and the swing will stop.

Let’s not forget the angry kid clamouring for you to continue pushing.

The same concept happens on the energetic level.

Thoughts despite being invisible must contain energy.

Just like everything in our universe each thought vibrates at a specific frequency.

 “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

When a group of people start to think in a similar way at a specific resonate frequency the energy goes to the invisible structure called ‘Pendulums’.

“The structure is referred to as a pendulum because the more people–adherents–that feed it with their energy, the more powerfully it sways” – Vadim Zeland

What is resonate frequency?

You might have seen a video in which a professional singer breaks a wine glass with just her voice.

Why is she able to do this?

It’s because she can match her vocal pitch to the resonate frequency of the glass.

When this happens the glass begins to vibrate and will break.

The glass vibrates back and forth much like our swing.

You can think of the resonate frequency as the maximum height someone can reach when they are being pushed on the swing.

When people think thoughts of a similar frequency they help push the Pendulum and supply it with energy.

Unlike the physical glass, the energetic Pendulum won’t break with increased energy, instead, it will gain more power. 

Is The Reality Transurfing Pendulum Alive? Pendulums vs Egregores


Vadim Zeland compares Reality Transurfing Pendulums to egregores.

Here is the explanation of the word egregore from Mark Stavish’s book (Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny).

“The word egregore is Greek in origin and is derived from égrégoros, meaning “wakeful” or “watcher.” The word is found in the Book of Enoch wherein it is described as an angelic being.”

The idea of an egregore belongs to occult (hidden knowledge) teachings.

An egregore is a spirit created by combined group thought energy which is said to rule over the higher non-physical realms like the Astral plane.  

These realms have an influence over our physical reality.

The Transurfing Pendulums battle in these invisible places and silently influence humanity.

This is why groups which are under the influence of a Pendulum often commit the most heinous horrors known to mankind.

Take for instance the horrors of the Holocaust.

What drove millions of people to forget about their humanity and savagely murder millions or jews?

How about the Rwanda Genocide?

When neighbours brutally murdered their neighbours based on ethnicity.

There are many instances in times of war when normal men murder and rape women and kill children with no abandon.

When in groups people resort to actions which they would never do alone.

This is because they are under the influence of a Pendulum.

The Pendulum seems to have its own self-organizing characteristics.

“This type of entity is independent in the sense that it develops according to its own laws. Its adherents are unaware of the fact that they are acting in accordance with the laws of the pendulum, and not their own will”

It uses people to do its bidding because it does not have a corporeal form to influence the world.

Vadim doesn’t know if the Pendulum has its own consciousness or is the result of complex systems.

Emergence perhaps is a theory which can help explain the spooky self-organizing nature of Pendulums.

One thing is for sure, the Pendulum seeks expansion by any means possible.

Reality Transurfing Pendulum

All Transurfing Pendulums Are Destructive


“Any pendulum is by its nature inherently destructive because it consumes the energy of its adherents and establishes power over them…” – Vadim Zeland

There has been much debate about this topic in Transurfing circles.

Let’s say you are part of a men’s group with the main goal of self-improvement.

How can that be destructive?

Well, Pendulums are destructive because they always seek expansion.

What starts off as a men’s group turns into a brotherhood.

Soon there will be a culture associated with the brotherhood.

Customs you follow and things your abstain from.

Eventually, there will be enemies of the brotherhood, perhaps a movement which goes against its principles.

“A pendulum makes a contradistinction between its group of adherents and all other groups (we are good and they are bad, we are better than they are, etc).”– Vadim Zeland

After some time you will give more and more of your energy to this brotherhood.

This is how all Pendulums work, they create in and out-groups.

Even charities battle for your attention, they battle to keep your donation for themselves and would not like it to go to other charities.

If you donate once, most charities will bombard you with more emails to keep you donating.

Even if you donate everything you have you will still get annoying emails.

The charity seeks expansion and does not care about your wellbeing.

They will not come to your house to see if you are all right.

They just want their money.

This is the nature of every Transurfing Pendulum, no one individual is more important than the pendulum’s cause.

Even priests secretly want you to go to their church and not someone else’s.

All Pendulums seek expansion and hence are destructive.

They are bound to bump into something else.

Destructive does not mean they are all bad.

Dynamite is neither good nor bad.

It can be used for a terrorist attack or to help free trapped miners from underneath slabs of rock.

Despite all this, its nature is destructive.

Later you will learn how to use Pendulums for your own benefit.

The Pendulum Laws

Below are a series of characteristics of Pendulums which will help you better understand them.

No one person is above the pendulum

Pendulums use people’s energy to achieve their ends but no one person is more important than the Pendulum.

Those who choose to go against the pendulum will be discarded.

This can come in the form of a small email letting you know you have been fired,

Or more severely, through attempts on your life.

It all depends on the power of the Pendulum you are dealing with.

President John F. Kennedy came into office and promised to change many things.

“We are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings”.

JFK was assassinated two years after giving the speech.

How about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Nelson Mandela or any other visionary who wished to change the status quo?

These men often get killed, imprisoned or ridiculed by the Pendulum.

Even Galileo was put under house arrest by the Catholic church for suggesting that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe (against the church’s beliefs).

Going against a powerful Pendulum is often a deathwish.

The Pendulum has an army of unsuspecting adherents who when called will commit great evils in the name of some cause.

Only years later, after the spell has been cast off will certain adherents feel remorse.

The Transurfing Pendulum Chooses Favorites

The Pendulum chooses certain people as its favourites,

“Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and other similar figures were all favourites of destructive pendulums” Vadim Zeland

The favourite is used as the primary leader of the group.

Like a person possessed the favourite does the bidding of the Pendulum.

Have you ever noticed how many evil people seemingly get away with their crimes?

Why weren’t people like Hitler or Stalin assassinated?

This is because they are protected by the Pendulum.

Abiding they continue to do the bidding of the Pendulum they will remain protected.

These people despite having the outward signs of success are often miserable.

They are more like puppets than real people.

In the event that a Pendulum favourite speaks out and exposes the reality to the group.

They will be cast out and labelled clinically insane and a new favourite will swiftly take their place.

This drama is often seen in the music industry.

An artist has a big hit which grabs the attention of millions of fans.

The Pendulum makes them a favourite and the artist begins to change.

They change their dress, persona and music.

Their whole ideology shifts and they become unrecognizable to early fans.

When you see this happening it’s not the result of ‘personal growth’ but of the Pendulum’s influence.

Once the Pendulum is done with the artist after they lose their relevance, the cycle will repeat with someone anew.

Pendulums Drive You Away from Your Soul Fraile

In Vadim’s work, he refers to the Soul Fraile as the life purpose in which you are most fulfilled.

Pendulums need energy to survive so their goal is to distract you from what’s important.

“young men leave for the army and lose their lives. Students go to university learning in vain to master a profession that is not really for them. They find work that feels alien but is supposedly prestigious and end up drowning in a swamp of problems or they join their lives with a stranger only to regret it later.”- Vadim

Pendulums use deep unconscious programming to make you think that their cause is more important than your own.

This can come in the form of you putting aside your deepest wants for something which seems more ‘logical’ or ‘sensible’.

In the worst circumstances, you might forfeit your life for the cause of the Pendulums.

During World War 2 many Japanese men were programmed to become kamikaze pilots. They were told there was no greater honour than flying a plane into an enemy ship.

The same thing happens with terrorist bombers.

Have you ever noticed how the head of these organizations never leads by example?

“War is young men dying and old men talking.” – Odysseus (Troy 2004)

The Pendulum uses tricks to drain you of your energy.

Typically there is a clear benefit that the Transurfing Pendulum uses to entice you.

Take the idea of communism which seems reasonable and utopian in theory.

Supporters of such ideas are always surprised when they help build a world much worse than they could have ever imagined.

How about the news which gives you the supposed benefit of staying informed?

The second-order consequence is anxiety and you being brainwashed with propaganda.

There is always a price to pay with every Pendulum you deal with.

How Do Reality Transurfing Pendulums Control People?

Pendulums control people through the manipulation of their emotions.

Strong negative emotions are often used to help push someone into thinking thoughts at the tune of the Pendulums resonate frequency.

“The strongest string the pendulum can pull you with is fear, the most ancient and powerful of human emotions…Anxiety and worry are weaker emotions but still relatively effective puppet strings.”

All cult leaders and dictators use fear to help create division amongst people.

When people are divided and afraid they become easier to manipulate.

The Spanish Inquisition has civilians burning other civilians due to the emotion of fear.

Fear of the demonic, fear of the unknown.

Fear is the most primal emotion and one of the most powerful tools for manipulation.

Shame and guilt are also powerful tools to influence action.

If the Pendulum can make you feel ashamed of your character it can provide you the solution to ‘cleanse’ you of your sins.

Guilt keeps you a perpetual slave, a victim of the past, the Pendulum offers a path to reconciliation only through following it’s direction.

“…most human thought and action originates in the realm of the unconscious. The pendulums make use of this feature of the human psyche.”

Pendulums use psychological warfare by programming your subconscious mind.

Many movements use NLP techniques, subliminals and other dark psychology tactics to implant seeds in your mind.

A seed left unchecked will blossom and have you resonating at the frequency of the Pendulum.

During the events of 2020 the whole world was under the spell of a powerful Pendulum.

Many people were crippled by anxiety due to the sheer number of negative programming coming from all forms of media.

The result was a great division amongst the population due to differences in health decisions.

The same situation happens in every United States election.

Programming is used to turn citizen against citizen.

The Battle of the Pendulums

Since Pendulums are destructive they are bound to battle each other for adherents.

There is a finite number of human minds on planet earth and each Pendulum seeks to expand.

“War is the most extreme manifestation of the battle between pendulums.” – Vadim

War is almost never initially supported by normal people.

People become fooled into thinking it’s a good idea by the Pendulum.

Vadim gives a great metaphor of how this process happens in the book,

“The wild bees in the nest are busy making honey and raising their offspring, but then, a pendulum comes up to the nest and announces to its followers: “Look! Wild bees! They are very dangerous and must be destroyed or, at least, their hive must be destroyed. If you do not believe me, look!”, and then the pendulum stirs up the nest by beating it with a stick. The bees fly out of the hive and start stinging the adherents. The pendulum then cries out triumphantly: “See how aggressive they are! They must be annihilated.”

War is the most destructive expression of the Pendulum.

What else justifies actions such as dropping a nuclear bomb over two cities killing thousands of civilians?

But Pendulums do not only battle in wars, the battle for markets, politics and ideologies is fueled by Pendulums.

The stronger the Pendulum the more overt it can be in it’s demonstration of power.

The Pendulum of government can lock a country down and freeze bank accounts if need be.

Your local library likely doesn’t have such powers.

Even certain religions have more power than others.

Many old Pagan religions have to operate in the shadows in today’s modern world, whilst churches and mosques are seen in the open.

The strength of a Pendulum is directly related to how many active supporters that cause has.

These battles even take place in the field of science.

Scientific advancements at times are difficult to come by because new discoveries threaten the power of existing Pendulums.

The classical example is Nikola Tesla and his use of AC current which Thomas Edison opposed due to his investments in DC current.

Change is hard because the powers that be do not like it.

How To Beat Transurfing Pendulums

1. Ignore the Pendulum

You cannot beat a Pendulum by opposing it.

When you think negatively about the Pendulum you still supply it with energy.

The way you beat poverty is not by hating the rich.

You beat poverty by teaching the poor how to create abundance.

The Pendulum is to be ignored if you wish to win the game.

“If I am empty there is nothing for the pendulum to hook onto.” – Vadim Zeland

There is a difference between ignoring something and avoiding it.

To avoid something you need to keep the thing in your mind.

Vadim gives the example of someone who is trying to avoid apples,

“it irritates the person that apples exist at all. On a material level they get annoyed every time they see an apple and openly express their disgust. On an energetic level the person may as well be hungrily pouncing on apples, stuffing their mouth and chomping loudly screaming about how much they hate apples, stuffing their pockets, only to be sick and once again complain about how they just cannot stomach apples.”

What you avoid you attract.

Do not avoid and allow the Pendulum to exist.

Relinquish your negative emotions about it and simply put your focus on other things.

2. Play it’s game

Another method is to play along with the Pendulum game whilst knowing you are maintaining control. Imagine a group of policemen pulling you over for something. Instead of rebutting them and getting upset, you play along calmly, maybe even feign ignorance. This allows you to maintain your composure and not get swept along by strong emotions which cloud your judgement.

Operating from this frame of mind opens up more options which will allow you to avoid damaging blows from the Pendulum.

3. Deviate from the script

There are certain scripts which happen in life.

These act as pre-programmed responses which most people follow.

Imagine you are walking in your mall and you see The Rock, what do you think people around you will start doing?

They will run up to him for autographs even if they are not big fans of his movies.

Why do people do this?

Because it’s a script which they have seen before in movies and TV shows.

If someone points a gun at you, you put your hands up.


Because it’s been programmed into your mind.

There are thousands of these scripts which Pendulums use to their advantage.

When you deviate from the script and do something different it throws the Pendulum off balance.

“The working principle is this: when you radiate thought energy at a different frequency to the pendulum’s resonance frequency you are in dissonance with the pendulum.”

Take for instance Mahatma Gandhi’s campaign of non-violence.

Technically his cause should have never won against the might of British but somehow it did.

4. Wishing the best for your enemy

One of the techniques suggested by Vadim is to wish the best for a person who is giving you a hard time.

If it’s a boss, visualize them getting something they would need perhaps a nice massage or a pay rise.

When you do this you get off the resonate frequency of the Boss Pendulum (yes, people can be Pendulums too).

This technique is similar to Ho’oponopono a traditional Hawaiian healing practice which involves the healer saying several healing mantras to herself.

Through some manipulation of subtle energies, the patient becomes cured of their afflictions.

5. Look for the simple solution

“The pendulum focuses our thinking on a very narrow sector of the informational field. As a result, a person thinks and acts within the limits of a narrow corridor”

Most people never attain amazing insights because their perception is controlled by Pendulums.

Pendulums seek to control and cannot have people thinking for themselves.

This is why the great geniuses of our time were often eccentric free thinkers.

Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton spent long stretches of their time in solitude.

Einstein was known to leave physics classes early and pursue his own interests.

The great Steve Jobs was a leader who would not fall into someone else’s Pendulum.

When one free’s their minds from Pendulums they are able to tune in to genius insights from the informational field.

“Your subconscious is directly linked to the information field where the solution to any potential problem already exists”

The key is to teach yourself to look for a simple solution.

You can only do this when you stop assuming that change has to be hard.

Pendulums want you to believe this is the case when change can happen in an instant.

Learn to spend time alone and allow your mind to roam without rules.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Do this and you will be one step closer to living and dying well.

By Isaac

I help people live and die well.