Nikola Tesla’s Evening Routine – Master Visualization

Nikola Tesla Evening Routine

Nikola Tesla’s Evening Routine – How To Unlock Your Brain’s Capacity  

Nikola Tesla was behind some of the greatest inventions of the 21st century (electric motors, radios, X-rays, remote controls and the alternating current which powers our cities).

A strange man who met an odd demise dying in the New Yorker Hotel with only pigeons as dear friends.

But sometimes unconventional methods are the key to genius.

In this article, you will learn Nikola Tesla’s Evening Routine and how to use it to unlock your full brain capacity.

Nikola Tesla’s Evening Routine Explained

A strange affliction bothered Tesla during his youth.

After witnessing distressing events like the funeral of a relative,

He would find himself unable to sleep.

In the dark of the night, his mind would torment him with images of the event.

Like a broken tape these scenes would run for hours.

Eventually, Tesla discovered the cure for his disturbances.

The solution lied in the pink elephant dilemma.

When someone asks you not to think of a pink elephant,

What happens?

You think of a pink elephant.

Images cannot be removed from the mind by negation.

The only way to remove an image is by replacing it with something else.

Instead of the pink elephant, you think of a cup of coffee or even BadlandsChugs.  

The mind can focus on only one thing at a time.

Tesla used this principle by recalling pleasant scenes he had seen throughout his day.

These scenes will override the disturbing images in his mind.

The method worked for a time until it began to fail him.

Tesla discovered that repeatedly using the same images became less effective over time.

His problem was that he had seen little of the world.

He had not travelled and was limited to his environment.

He desperately needed new stimuli, so he came up with a radical solution.

“I began to travel; of course, in my mind. Every night,.., I would start on my journeys — see new places, cities and countries; live there, meet people and make friendships.” – Nikola Tesla (My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla)

What Tesla did is called World Building.

It’s what the author George R.R. Martin used when creating Westeros.

What J.K. Rowling did when creating Harry Potter.

Even video game developers like Bethesda are in the business of World Building.

Tesla took this one step further.

His world was not written on paper, it wasn’t in a line of code.

It was all in his mind.

He didn’t just create cities and characters, he lived in his world like a second life.

After years of this practice, Tesla discovered a hidden talent.

“When my thoughts turned seriously to invention. Then I observed to my delight that I could visualize with the greatest facility. I needed no models, drawings or experiments. I could picture them all as real in my mind.”

His visualization ability reached Olympic heights.

This strong mind allowed him to discern information which was hidden to weaker minds.

Leading him to discover the great mysteries of electricity.  

This principle is not only reserved for the likes of Tesla.

Even HE admits every human being can unlock their brain capacity through connecting with the infinite.

Nikola Tesla And The Law of Correspondence

In April 1892, Tesla’s beloved mother passed away.

Tesla, who was very close to his mother, was deeply disturbed by her death.

In his grief, he wrote her a final letter which revealed the truth about his inventions.

“When I was looking at the lightning bulb to shine with ”my” wireless electricity, I realized that I wasn’t the maker of all this…the law I thought I ”invented” actually always existed. I was just the vessel blessed with inspiration to formulate and explain it to the mankind.”

If Tesla was just a vessel, who was behind all of this?

To understand this riddle we must look at Hermeticism.

The Hermetic philosophers of old believed in the idea of a mental universe.

A universe in which all conscious manifestations are connected through what they termed ‘the planes of correspondence’.

There are three major planes within this model.

The Physical Plane, which all of mankind experiences with the five senses.

The Mental Plane of thoughts and emotion, a plane most ignore.

And the transcended Spiritual Plane beyond mortal comprehension.

All planes are connected by a Universal Mind.

Some call it God.

Scientists have called it ‘The Field’ or ‘Collective Consciousness’.

Daoists call it the Dao.

Whatever it is, it connects mankind through an intricate web of information.

When Tesla developed his visualization ability through years of world building, he taught his mind to tap into the mental and spiritual dimensions of life.

Higher realities which most do not consciously frequent.

Thought is the highest faculty of man.

It’s not our physical bodies which separate us from animals but our minds.

Minds which can connect to different planes through thought, dreams and imagination.

Every modern wonder we enjoy was first seen in someone’s mind.

Forces such as electricity and magnetism have existed for billions of years.

However, it took thousands of years of human development for man to harness the energy.

Man’s physical body has remained the same throughout those years.

What has changed is our capacity to think.

As our thinking gets better, the technology of the future will make our current wonders look like the work of mere ants.

The archetypical genius is one who learns to tap into these hidden resources.

Much like a shaman they get insights from a different plane.

They use this knowledge received from the subconscious and through the power of the conscious mind are able to create practical applications.

Einstein, the man behind relativity was known for his thought experiments.

Like Tesla, Einstein used imagination from a young age to visualize scenarios his physical reality could not create.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

– Einstein

It’s no coincidence that two of the greatest minds drew upon the same force for their discoveries.

Imagination is the key to unlocking your brain capacity.

Learning to use it effectively is what separates mankind.

Here is how you do it.

Nikola Tesla’s Evening Routine Visualization Guide

Visualization is a powerful practice.

It has been used by many high performers throughout the generations.

Athletes such as Roger Bannister (the first man to break the 4-minute mile) and

Michael Phelps – the most decorated Olympian ever, have all mentioned the importance of visualization in obtaining victory.

Entrepreneurs must first visualize the business succeeding before a dollar is traded.

Actors need to visualize their roles until they feel an affinity with the character.

But how do you develop your ability to visualize?

Begin by practicing at night when the mind enters the hypnagogic state.

In this state, your body begins to drift to sleep whilst your mind remains alert.

The mind is prone to seeing what scientists call hallucinations which are merely thought forms arising from you being between states.

Hypnagogia is known as the crack between worlds by mystics and allows you to have more vivid visualizations.

Begin with simple shapes.

A square on a canvas.

Add dimensions until it becomes a cube.

Rotate the object and obtain mastery of it on this mental plane.

Much like any other skill, visualization needs to be practiced.

It becomes stronger with use.

Once you can easily create simple objects, begin creating environments.

A room you can enter mentally whenever you feel inclined.

Fill the room with objects.

Keep returning to the same room until it gains the solidity of the physical world.

Then build a house. A street. A city.

Fill the city with inhabitants.

There are no limits to your mental creations.

The exercise will strengthen your visualization ability.

 Just like Tesla, this will aid you when you wish to gain deeper insight on a subject.

Simply think about what you desire, and solutions will start coming to you from higher realities.

This is the process Tesla used to uncover all of his great inventions.

He saw their mechanisms entirely in his mind.

Do this, and you will be one step closer to living and dying well.


By Isaac

I help people live and die well.