The power of the morning routine, redefined.



The power of the morning routine, redefined.

We have all heard the classical personal development advice, the repeated mantras that endorse ‘the power of the morning routine’, but how many of us actually put this wisdom into practice?

They say success is not an event, but a process, a process which requires deliberate planning and thought. Think back and recall a time when you were very successful at something, you would be deceiving yourself if you believe that your success occurred as an event, and not as the outcome of a variety of calculated steps. For example lets say that you are someone who has had great success in transforming their body composition

your transformation most likely required you to plan a variety of things, such as:

  • macro-nutrient requirements
  • micro-nutrient requirements
  • Total daily calories
  • workout routine
  • HIIT cardio or steady paced cardio

It becomes increasingly obvious that success was not an accident, but the result of deliberate action.
So where does that leave us?

The Morning Routine

lets skip the bullshit and cut to the chase. You need a morning routine that will realize your success, a routine that catapults you into massive action EVERY DAY, it’s the only way. Remember how we said success is through process and not events? The morning routine is the catalyst for that process and the best way to get on the grind. To have phenomenal results you need a phenomenal routine. To build your routine you need to grab a napkin and a pen and get to answering these questions:


  • what motivates me to pursue success?
  • what is the most important action item, that will influence my results the most?
  • what state of body or mind must I be in to work at my maximum capacity?



The first question is a reminder, a reminder of why you are working so hard in the first place! Human beings are animals and without an obvious reason to exert ourselves we tend to follow the path of least resistance ( like most things in our universe ) this is why it is important to remember and review your ‘WHY factor’ WHY are you doing what you are doing? WHAT motivates you?
These things can include and are not limited to:

  • Reviewing your goals
  • Visualization and image boards
  • Reading motivational books such as auto-biographies
  • Affirmations

The second question is a call for action, people tend to spend most of their days worrying about trivial matters, and not focusing on the things that generate the most results. You will not fall into this trap and will attack the citadel at its core, this is the time when you focus on what you know will efficiently yield the outcome you desire, these could include:

  • Finding ways to increase value in your company
  • Increasing the conversion rate on your website
  • Practicing your free throw for basketball
  • Reviewing your lecture notes before your class

The third question is to ensure optimal performance, how do you work best? What mood must you be in to ensure that you are ready for the rest of the day? Some common examples are:

  • Meditation
  • exercise or stretching
  • Drinking Coffee
  • Taking a hot or cold bath

If you follow these guidelines and set the optimal morning routine that is aligned with your goals, your goals will be achieved. The speed of this realisation depends on your discipline and drive and adherence to the plan. Remember that your actions today and every morning transcend a lifetime.

By Isaac

I help people live and die well.